ING Miami Marathon

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Hope you all had a great summer. Once again we are ready to begin preparations for the 2013 Miami Marathon, and once again I ask for your help. We are expecting close to 25,000 participants this year, and the need for our communications is even greater than last year. The marathon has become a truly world class event, a big asset to our community, a major boost to child fitness programs in our schools, and a real opportunity for us to help by doing what we do best. For those of you who have volunteered in the past, welcome back. Also, if you have changed your email or phone number in the past year, please let me know.

If you haven’t participated in this event yet, we invite you to spend a fun (and invigorating) Sunday morning as an emergency communications volunteer.  All you need is a 2 meter handheld and your enthusiasm. Sadly, this is the first year that we will not have the help and support of Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML. Steve passed away several months ago after a long and valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. Steve and his xyl Heidi have each played an integral role in this event and their participation has been invaluable.

Please let me know if you would like to participate, and please pass along this information to any other hams you think may be interested.

You can find the course map, schedule, and more information about the marathon on

Look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday January 27th

Best regards and 73

Ben Nemser WA4DZS

cell 305-439-7190

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